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30 Hour Provision 

So far this Half Term 30hours have enjoyed a ‘Fairy’ themed week, ‘Dino’ week, ‘Harvest’ and ‘Camping’ week. We have been on local walks to the shops, out on the minibus to Valley Nursery, Walsall Arboretum and Hay Head woods. We’ve made nature crowns with our collected leaves, sticks and acorns. We have enjoyed watching volcanos erupt and saved dinosaurs from the swamps, we have tiptoed over the magic mushrooms and into the fairy water, transforming into fairies and flying around the garden. We have loved every minute of playing and exploring with our friends. We enjoy a ‘food Friday’ session every Friday and have been enjoying making toast, soups, cakes and edible ‘dino eggs’. We can’t wait to see what next term has to offer!
We have had so much fun for Nursery Rhyme week. We have enjoyed singing the official rhymes of each day. 
Jack and Jill, hickory dickory, head shoulders knees and toes, row row your boat and wheels on the bus. Plus some favourites of the group, incy wincy spider, I had a little turtle, humpty dumpty, 1,2,3,4,5 and five little speckled frogs. 

We loved role playing Jack and Jill on the hill in the garden. 
We sang along with Alexa to Head/Shoulders. 
We chased incy wincy up the spouts outside and washed him away. 
Made our own ‘pat-a-cake’ cakes with the dough, adding our initial letter for ours bakes on. 
Sang five little ducks as they swam through the jelly bath. 
We fixed humpty dumpty back together with plasters. 
Fished for 1,2,3,4,5 little fish and jumped off of our speckled logs in the pool. 

What a fantastic week we’ve had! 

The children have been busy exploring their new classroom and building relationships with their peers and new keyworkers.